Earl Sweatshirt – “Chum” Video


First off let me say I realize this is not “new”. However, with our return being when it was, there were certainly videos and albums that were debuting as we were all making our lists. One of those videos is the video for Earl Sweatshirts huge single, “Chum”.

Now if you know of Earl then you undoubtedly know the collective known as Odd Future. I was introduced to them and was brought in like any white teenager to the sick and twisted lyrics of Tyler the Creator. However Earl always stood out as the gem of the group, who didn’t really say much, but when he did it blew you off your feet. This still applies to his first single. Odd Future has been doing some maturing as a whole, but none more so than Earl.

While OF will spit verses of just about anything to do with youthful reckless abandon, or just not caring, Earl gives us a track about how he wants none of that. “Chum” takes us through his “younger” days, fatherless and looking for someplace to fit in. He finds OF at the expense of losing touch with his mom. Now he wonders which is more important.

Now enough about the song. Why I wanted to talk about the video is because the video matches perfectly with the tone of the track. The obvious choice of black and white is sometimes over looked, but here works extremely well. The video depicts Earl wandering through darkened streets. After a while Earl starts to turn upside down. It seems like not only is he saying it, but he is visually showing that there are things in his life that aren’t the way they seem, and that most of the time they can be confusing, or sometimes downright weird (giant frogs?). You can even tell by the look in his eyes the entire video, they’re tired. Also the use of the skeleton face is very unique, and it will be interesting to see how it connects with anything else he does.

Earl is quite easily one of the best, if not the best rapper out there. If this single is any indication as to the future of this young artist, it could be a prosperous career.

Link to video

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