Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake (Feat. Jay-Z, Produced by Timbaland)

After a much too long absence Justin Timberlake is back to give the music nerds something to relate to with their more casual listening friends. Except this one seems more for the diehards, quite ballsy. While it is no masterpiece, Timberlake is showcasing a new sound with all the quality that elevated Futuresex / Lovesounds to the mythical level it holds now. Seems quality, forward thinking singer-based pop makes people loose their shit. Very clever of Timberlake starting the track of with a briefly tedious mantra that’s quite popular today (see lil b, or don’t) and then jumping into something more evocative. I love the nice little flourishes in the left ear accompanied by the smooth “rhythm section”. Timberlake brings the best out in Timbaland. The lyrics are appropriately light complimenting the subtle touches that develop the backing track. Perhaps the nicest touch is how it all switches to a half-time dance-floor ready jam once Jay-Z joins the party in progress. The bridge is quite nice reminding me as much of Lone as it does R. Kelly. Timberlake is not saving music with this, that was never the plan, but he sure as hell is making a case for radio pop possibilities.


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