Comedy Honorable Mentions 2012

Kyle Kinnane – Whiskey Icarus

In the conversation on Kyle Kinane, much has been made about him seemingly creating comedy creating a portrait of twentysomething depression. This notion however misses what truly makes Kinane one of the best working stand-ups right now. Kinane is not out to reveal the truth in all of us like Louis CK and he is not baring himself for all to see like Marc Maron. Instead Kinane has mined the small and ridiculous events in life most latch on to and insist profondency in. Whether it is the shock over being devlivered an unsliced pizza or viewing eating Seven- Eleven for dinner as a low point only to get a DUI the next week, the joke is never lost on Kinane as well as the audience. Behind almost every complaint or intense analysation, Kinane bring a blunt truth to unravel it all and remind everyone why we are supposed to be laughing. The nice tags he adds help keep the laughs constant. Presenting this all in an airtight well paced, and thematically consistent hour helps remind why stand-up is an art form.


Tig Notaro Live

Any gifted improviser or stand-up seems almost inhuman in their ability when on stage. It takes a little bit to understand how most are truly just normal people with an interesting job. Hell, most barely make more then their audience. In a time when podcasting is commonplace, many comedians are opening up in very intimate ways to their audience. Put this altogether the news that beloved comic Tig Notaro was suffering from breast cancer in both breasts was shocking. Live, recorded at a show Notaro did not long after the diagnosis, is an uplifting and victorious listen despite it’s subject matter. The recording was not meant to be released so the polish most stand-up albums have is not present, and it’s all the more better for it. Most of the material feels in the moment as it was Notaro’s first time discussing it on stage. Any fan who frequents live comedy is no doubt familiar with the imperfections and small moments that most comedy albums do away with in order to appear glossy. All are on display in Live and it makes it even more powerful and hilarious. There is almost no point in reviewing the album as an audience member sums it all up when Notaro expresses concern that the set was a bad idea with “This is fucking amazing!”

– Kyle

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