Honorable Mentions 2012

Can-The-Lost-Tapes-500These are some albums from the past year that I found either emotionally jarring, intellectually stimulating, or some combination of both.   The genres span extremes from No Wave and American Primitivism to Industrial Hip Hop and *cough* Vaporwave, while the artists themselves span from bedroom producers to Bandcamp denizens to legendary post rock and progressive rock icons.  While this list doesn’t represent my top 10 releases from 2012, I think it showcases a strong cross-section of styles and movements from the past year and some of the more innovative artists out there (some, not all).  Ultimately, this is a list of solid albums from 2012 that I think some people out there will enjoy and hope they take the time to try out if they haven’t already.

Daniel Bachman- Seven Pines



*Can- The Lost Tapes

Andy Stott- Luxury Problems

Emptyset- Collapsed

Fushitsusha- Hikari to Nazukeyo

Godspeed You! Black Emperor- ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!

Flying Lotus- Until the Quiet Comes

Glass Kites- Glass Kites

Padna- Burnt Offerings

Whirr- Pipe Dreams

Aesop Rock- Skelethon


*Can- The Lost Tapes is a compilation album of B-sides, rare material, and live recordings from the famed Krautrock band.  While it is technically not new material, it still contains some damn good music while illustrating the depth of Can’s discography and their futuristic sound.



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