An Announcement

Hi, fellow Arbitrarians.  It’s Corey.  You know, the guy who writes those verbose features that you can barely even get through.  Well, I’m here with a little PSA about the current state of The Arbitrary Line.  Right now, the offices are experiencing some issues such as technical difficulties (don’t buy Macs), time-consuming employment (jobs are overrated too), and crippling summer malaise (sorry, that one is mine).  Anyhow, we here at The Arbitrary Line Inc. have decided to take a couple of weeks off to fix all of our issues.  So, Kyle will be off getting a new computer while Tyler will (or ought to) be off trying to get himself fired and I will be trying to get my shit together and learn the virtue of self-motivation.  So this means no new content for a couple of weeks, obviously.  I know I have probably ruined your day with this devastating news, but don’t fret; we will be back soon enough to review and discuss new music with you.  Have a pleasant Tuesday, and may all your hopes and dreams come true.

-Corey Garyn

An Announcement was released by DJ Fret Robinson on Shiggy Records on June 26th 2012.

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