Givers Cover Paul Simon for Gracelands 25th

So for Paul Simon’s completely epic record Graceland, it’s now 25 years old and is now being marketed in this whole anniversary box set type deal. One of the attractions (other than the original music itself) is the fact that theyre bringing indie artists in to re-record and cover some of the songs from Simon’s timeless record. One of those of artists is Givers, who gave us the summer hit “Up, Up, Up” last year. They had them recording the song “That Was Your Mother”, which is as Cajun as Paul Simon got and one of my favorite tracks.

The song talks about how he’s a city boy in Louisiana, specifically Lafayette. Which makes sense to have an indie band from Louisiana cover the song, specifically Lafayette. Givers teamed up with a legend in Cajun music, Dickie Landry. My favorite part of this entire video is how much it seems Tiffany Lamson could care less that she’s playing with a legend, and how Landry looks upset about having to play with these damn kids…

Besides that, the cover is pretty good. Taylor Guarisco’s voice can be rough at times (although he does make a good statement about the influence of Graceland), and the sections of the song where Simon kind of rambles wasn’t really done the right way. Other than that they nailed Cajun pretty well (it helps to have a saxophonist who knows what to do).

Check it out for yourself!


Graceland’s 25th Anniversary Box Set was out 6/5 on Sony Legacy

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