In a track of absolute disasters, the biggest is most evident from the start. Big Boi (half of OutKast, fantastic solo artist) is way to smart to think “Lemme see your titties / she said ok / Now lemme see your pussy” is an acceptable hook even in the most ironic or “stanky” of circles. The questionable judgement continues from there, with Theophilus London having nothing to add, with a boring flow on top of that. London, an exciting name in Hip – Hop in his own right, actually makes lines about “making it rain” and strippers going up and down on the pole focal points of his verse; arguably some of the most tired cliches of the budding genre. And then poor Big Boi, proving yet again what Eminem’s Recovery displayed, simply having a technically proficient flow does not make great music; one also needs substance. It can be humor, it can be mood, it can be storytelling, it can be philosophy, it can be commentary, it can be abstract non-sense, it can even be simple cleverness. None of that is here. At one point the line “I feel like Joe from Family Guy” is actually said. It is a shame too because honestly, the laid back funk on the beat could have really provided ground work for something wonderful. Sadly on top of the awful verses, bridge just plays out with shockingly bland lines about giving “you all my time” and asking to “let me blow your mind”. The track ends up having all the subtlety of a Jon McNaughton painting. To paraphrase the great Toure, nuance is essential. Tracks like these make it hard to share the gift of Hip – Hop with the world.

-Kyle Kraft

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