M83 – “Reunion” Video

Ok, so my fellow bloggers are gonna kill me for doing this review, but I felt like I needed to.

So EVERYONE knows M83, from their insanely popular track “Midnight City”. Im pretty sure there was a two month span where I couldn’t go anywhere without hearing “DAT, doo doo, DAT.” With that said, I was a fan of their music video. Something about kick ass little kids with telekinetic powers and eyes that glow blue was very entertaining.

Well, M83 decided that they were going to follow up on that. Their video for “Reunion” follows the same kids (except a tad older and some of them different looking), as they are now in the city somehow, being hunted down by some creepy girl in a wheel chair. I swear to god M83 knows what show Im watching on Netflix when they release their videos, because shit from the T.V. show definitely shows up in the video. The first one was Heroes (kids with superpowers being controlled by some organization). This one was Avatar: The Last Air Bender, with a definite Avatar state type moment with the girl glowing and stuff. And halfway through I was like, “OH SHIT THE GIRL IN THE WHEEL CHAIRS EYES ARE RED!”. Not only that, but at one moment I imagined her with a black hood over her head saying “Join the dark side….”

None the less, the video was still kind of entertaining, with all of these other blue eyed kids coming out and flipping over a car. woo. Yet something tells me that this wont be the last we see of the mysterious M83 super hero kids with the strange organization hunting them, which we know nothing about. It’s like they got Steven Moffat to come write the synopsis, and we wont know whats going on until the 7th video….

Oh, and the music is alright. Pretty sure I’ll be hearing it everywhere for a while….


Enjoy the creepy children!


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