Album Review: Hello, Mr. Magic Plane Person, Hello by Jonah Ray

In comedy, the typical career projection is, after a few years of taking as much time as one can get in the clubs, building up a solid half-hour, then eventually moving into an hour once one becomes a head-liner. Many non – “comedy-nerd’s” exposure to comedian’s half-hours are on Comedy Central Presents. In the podcasting world, many comedians have expressed their disappointment with how their Presents have turned out due to not being involved in the editing process and many ending up very polished, killing the energy and taking out the crowd work.

On Hello, Mr. Magic Plane Person, Hello, Jonah Ray avoids all of these problems by releasing what almost feels like his half-hour recorded as preformed with nothing extra. However, with the energy high and the pace fluid, the material still has to be great. Great news, it is a riot. Here Jonah Ray takes on many topics and styles in his jokes; everything from drinking and pets walking in on “bad” times, to why penguins exist and who T.J Maxx® should be. While the more conventional topics play out in familiar ways, they kill. A lazy comparison could be Dave Atell or Louis CK but he truly has some unique and well-constructed jokes on the topic, proving topics do not matter as long as the material is great. On the more ridiculous topics, it is evident just how great of a voice he is developing. The jokes will start in conventional places (say, getting a tattoo), move into absurd territory (discussing how penguins are never gonna be racist) and ending with a great punch-line. Both the “alt” stuff and the “club” stuff work equally great, which is amazing, especially for the first documented half-hour. That is more than most seasoned comic veterans can say for their own act.    A-

-Kyle Kraft

Hello, Mr. Magic Plane Person, Hello was released 5/15/12 on aspecialthing Records

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