Chromatics – “These Streets Will Never Look The Same” Video

So very recently, Chromatics released a video for the sixth single off their album Kill For Love with the song “These Streets Will Never Look The Same”.

And frankly, It’s awful.

Now granted I’m a music guy and not really a guy who knows infinite knowledge about films. But I do know that If I’d rather open a new tab and just listen to the music rather than watch the video, then you’ve done something wrong.

The video was shot in Las Vegas, Mexico City, and Montreal. You can’t really tell which city is in a specific shot, because basically the entire video is based around an image being shaken around, or doubled, or focusing on this sleeping girl, or the main character of the video. Who is very weird I have to say. I can’t tell whether the main character is singing the song in his head, or whether his intentions are to just be creepy and stand there the whole time and not say anything. Oh, and he never takes off his sunglasses, ever. Even in bed the sunglasses are still on…….

Overall the video seems like it was recorded on a hand held camera that anyone would own. It’s like they filmed a bunch of “deep” moments and “thought provoking” shots of the city, slapped black and white on there and called it entertaining. There’s no story, there’s no progression of anything. It’s literally the same couple of shots for about 5 minutes. Well, until the end where the same hand held camera follows a different person driving away.

the music was good though.

I don’t know, maybe I’m cranky, but this sure didn’t entertain me.

Tell me what you think!


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