Transmissions from the Internet Heart: 8-Bit Radiohead

Hi there.  So I am usually scheduled to post a track review at this time, but because of uncontrollable circumstances (laziness and short-term memory loss) I was unable to do this.  Instead, I am offering up a half-baked write-up on a cool thing to pass by my desktop yesterday in a new segment I have just now dubbed Transmissions from the Internet Heart.  I am, of course, referring to the 8-bit covers of Radiohead’s two iconic LPs OK Computer and Kid A.  If you haven’t been exposed to these gems, lemme clue you in.  YouTuber and assumed Nintendo purist QuintonSung rested from his 8th run-through of Super Mario 3 of this month (with no warp tunnels, you cheating bastards) to compose the pixelated albums, thus taking two decade-old classics and making them sound even more dated, which somehow makes them sound fresh and innovative because that’s apparently how retro works nowadays.  Either way, I’ve listened through the entire Kid A cover—yeah, that’s right, the whole goddamn thing—and needless to say, it has changed me.  At first, the project sparks laughter and giddiness out of the sheer kitsch of the concept.  However, as it plays on, the minimalism of the sound removes all the Godrich-iness from the music and replaces it with a stark display of the original melodies and rhythms.  Deeper into the album brings the listener to the next plane of consciousness, replacing the trials and tribulations of modern society with evil sentient mushrooms and overgrown turtles for you to crush.  Your worldview becomes a simple dichotomy between good and evil, and your sole purpose becomes to save the princess who is just an allegory for the essence of you beings.  Eventually your vision becomes pixelated, and you finally understand how every stage of your life is just a repeating cycle merely held in different locations.  How true happiness lies not in reaching your princess but in the joy of the journey itself and the realization that taking the quest is what the true meaning of life is.  Then the album ends and you are left with a serenity that you have strived for your entire life but have yet to achieve.  I haven’t really listened to the OK Computer one yet, but I have a feeling it will have something to do with outer space or computers or something.

-Corey Garyn

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