Beastie Boys “Sabotage” Reenactment

So I have a little treat for you guys today. I was trying to figure out what video I wanted to review, and I was bouncing between Exlposions in the Sky’s one for “Postcards From 1952”, or Darkside’s “A1” video (which are both excellent video’s, so you should check them both out cough cough). However, I came across this hilarious gem of a video and decided that I’d share that instead.

The video (as the title implies) Is a reenactment of Beastie Boy’s video for “Sabotage”. The iconic images of the three of them dressed up with ridiculous 70’s hairstyles and mustaches as if they were in a cop thriller, are images that most of us have seen at least once in our lifetime. Yet what makes this video special is the fact that the three people dressed in the wigs and the mustaches….are little kids. Yes, little people probably no more than ten years old, running around in curly wigs, with fake facial hair that doesn’t match the color wig they’re wearing.

Portland filmmaker James Winters got his kids and his nephew to reenact the scenes from the sabotage video in their own special way. My favorite parts are when they throw the dummy off the side of the building, and when the kid opens up the briefcase to find one empty packet of pop rocks.

I also find it entertaining that they replaced a bunch of not suitable for young kids references, the aforementioned pop rocks instead of coke, a game of connect four instead of poker. Yet they didn’t try and replace the guns with, I don’t know, Nerf guns?

Still entertaining if you ask me. Leave some comments and tell me what you think!



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