Modeselektor w Thom Yorke – “This” Video

So I’ve always hated marionette puppets. HATED them, especially after reading those Goosebumps books about…whatever his name was. Oh, and the Twilight Zone episode….

Anyways, there’s always been this slight fear in me of these things, but its died down in recent years. Which is why I was more apt to continue watching a video by the collaboration of Modeselektor and Thom Yorke for the song “This”, even though the description talked of a creepy marionette puppet dance. It’s actually pretty tame. The original wooden puppet is not doing any outlandish things in this video. I wondered through the whole video if the actress in the video was the puppeteer as well, but I could never officially tell. The video didn’t really take a creepy turn until everything else in the room started coming to life on it’s own. Then I started getting freaked out.

Everything was pretty “normal” until both the puppet and the puppeteer started freaking out, for no apparent reason. Then this video started getting lost on me. It was cool to see how the puppeteer was now becoming a puppet too (which I totally called), and she starts flinging the puppet around. Then in a puff of magical feathers she gets lifted up into the air, made unrecognizable by CG effects, and is being twirled around in a vortex of orange and teal swirls……

It ends with her laying on the floor amongst all these feathers that I still don’t know where they came from, with the original puppet growing this huge grin on his face. Yeah, I don’t understand. I think I was more focused on the incredibly creepy boyish mannequins in the background.

Overall the song was pretty good, pretty standard background synths with undecipherable vowels and syllables being sung over the top in a Pogo like manner. The music builds with the video at the right times but other than that, it doesn’t really do much for me.

Leave some comments below and tell me what I’m missing. Or maybe vent with me as well, I’m open to either.


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