Track Review: Animal Collective – “Honeycomb”


A new Animal Collective album, a new step in the evolution of their singular sound.  The new single “Honeycomb” from their upcoming new LP finds the group pushing their chillwave/electro-rock sound forward while still casually nodding to their previous, um, “tribal pop” roots.  Avey Tare spurts line after line of unintelligible verses with the technical skill of a rapper.  Meanwhile, elastic percussion bounces from headphone to headphone atop of rainbow synths and samples straight from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse (maybe).  Its easy to say that “Honeycomb” refers to previous AnCo albums such as Feels and Strawberry Jam with its wacky electropop soundscape and world percussion, yet the influence from their last album Merriweather Post Pavilion is probably the most noticeable and effective.  The pop sensibility and attention to crafting great melodies is partially what made MPP great, and Avey Tare’s complex vocal melody combined with synth countermelody transforms what could end up being merely a clusterfuck of sound in the hands of a lesser band into an intricate yet successful track.  “Honeycomb” is lush yet not overbearingly so, quixotic yet levelheaded, and experimental yet strangely inviting even on the first spin.  Animal Collective is one of the few bands that can make childhood jubilance sound so mature.

-Corey Garyn

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