Death Grips: The Money Store









Rap may have taken a turn towards introspection, but don’t tell that to Death Grips.  With The Money Store, Death Grips cleverly twist gangsta rap bombast into a whole new hysterical beast.  Music for Cudi and Drake to shit themselves to, if you will. Producer/Bandmate Zach Hill often twitches through industrial (ish?) beats flurried with everything from wobble bass to siren samples to rave synths.  Meanwhile, MC Ride drawls atop this mess raging about who-the-fuck-knows.  Seriously though, I’ve been able to catch some snippets of “suck my dick” and “fuck that man”, so there’s that.  But otherwise, nothing is really decipherable…not like that really matters.


This album succeeds by just being plain ol’ fun through uncurbed anger.  Listen to the perfectly-titled “Fuck That” and try not to get pumped up about something.  “The Fever (Aye Aye)” sounds so deliciously punk rock that it had to have been dragged from the bowels of The Smell itself.  I guess what I am trying to say with this string of words is that Death Grips has taken the sonic equivalent to a punch in the goddamn face and has somehow made it sound like a fucking revolution.  And like all revolutions, it must be experienced firsthand to be truly understood.


Grade:  B+


The Money Store was released on April 21st, 2012 by Death Grips through Epic Records.

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