The Shins and Their Videos

Ok so let me preface this by saying that Ive never really been a fan of the Shins music, shock! Gasp! Anyways, Ive never really gotten into them therefore this review will be mostly about the videos.

And those videos….. They are completely fantastic. I am of course talking about the videos of the tracks “Simple Song” and “The Rifle’s Spiral” off of their latest album Port of Marrow. Which. Are. Fantastic.

Let me first talk about “The Rifle’s Spiral”, a video for Nintendo’s 3DS and Nowness. Director Jamie Caliri had free reign to create anything he wanted. So he drew inspiration from Edward Gorey illustrations and Martin Scorsese’s Hugo (and possibly Coraline) for this video and created the weirdest yet most wonderful stop motion animation i’ve seen for a music video. Between the girl that is a magician, to three strange men who can pull strings out of empty eye sockets, and a bunny rabbit who undergoes unfortunate situations, this video is one to see. I can’t really tell you much, just, enjoy for yourself.

The Shins – The Rifle’s Spiral

The video for “Simple Song”, though not as flashy and stop motion, it still is a great concept. James Mercer is the father for the rest of the band members, and they are all gathering around a television to see his video will. Then he explains something that makes them all go nuts and rip through the house. The most intriguing part about this video is not that the band members are the characters, but the juxtaposition of the people as their current selves and the awful things that Mercer had them do as kids. My favorite parts are when it has both the “grown-ups” and the kids in the same shot. It creates a very cerebral effect (ooh big words). Anyways, though it’s not stop motion, it’s still another fantastic video.



Port of Morrow was out 3/20 on Columbia/Aural Apothecary.

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