I may be in the minority on this one amongst my more “hip” peers but, “Live it Up” by POP ECT (the artists formerly known as the Morning Benders, and hence forth will only be referred to as such by this blog) is gonna be on repeat all summer for me. This is one of the few examples of a band being less concerned with maturing and way more concerned with having fun. With the name change comes a genre re-focus; coming off the heels of a Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear, CANT) produced album of solid indie rock, is a laid-back R&B track about sexin’ on tour. I am aware that sounds terrible on paper, but there is just something so refreshing about it as a consumer of mainstream hip – hop and R&B as well as indie rock. This stems from the production. A standard muted drum machine sets the beat for a soft and bouncy yet carefully programmed synth. It is amazing what a little care into synth programming can yield; I am looking at you M83 and Dr. Luke. In a calm, auto – tuned voice explains that, the romance he is experiencing can only last for that night, as he has a girl at home and is going to have to get on the tour bus the next morning. “But that’s the way it’s got to be / Cause I just want to live it up”, another take on YOLO, but a damn catchy and tasteful one at that, even though I cannot really approve on Chris Chu’s actions.

-Kyle Kraft

From POP ECT s/t coming out July, 12 from Rough Trade

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One thought on “POP ECT – “LIVE IT UP”

  1. cgaryn on said:

    Haha, always willing to sneak in a jab at M83. Classic Kyle 😀

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