Here We Go Magic – “How Do I Know” Video

I’ve had a mild fascination with Here We Go Magic since I first heard their hit “Collector” from their last full length LP Pidgeons. And yes, the chorus of that song does say “I have a mild fascination, for collectors”, because I had to be cool like that. Anyways, they put out an EP in May of last year titled The January EP. Luke Temple, the singer and driving force behind the band, had trouble creating a consistent style with Pidgeons, but settled down with the EP. However, Temple was able to create some of the most cliche yet infectious pop-based songs, such as “Collector”.

Here We Go Magic will have their new album A Different Ship drop next week on the 8th. They have been busy prepping us for it’s release by giving us little bit’s and pieces from it. Such as the tracks and video’s for “Make Up Your Mind” and “How Do I Know”. So guess which video I’ll be reviewing today!

First of all, Sean Pecknold, who is indeed the brother of Robin Pecknold, the lead singer of Fleet Foxes, directed the video. Second of all, this video includes a 70’s girl in a wheel chair, a very awkward submissive man, and a small dancing Asian woman. The video very proficiently captures the energy and bouncy nature of the song and put’s images to it. The simplicity of people having a good time dancing is something that is used often, but when lately videos have become so obscure, it’s nice to see some simplicity. Of course the dancer is really good, but it’s also entertaining to see how the main character reacts to the dancer/robot. It’s also hilarious to me to see the homemade box that the dancer came out of, with “Human, v. 13” written in sharpie. The ending is slightly sad, but I wont spoil anything.

Anyways, another infectious song from the mind of Luke Temple, with an equally entertaining video from the mind of Sean Pecknold.

Here We Go Magic – How Do I Know



A Different Ship is set to drop 5/8 off Secretly Canadian records.

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